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About Dr. Helen

Dr. Borel’s combined expertise in Medical Illnesses, Prescription Pharmaceuticals,
Direct Care of Severe Psychiatric Conditions, and Published nonfiction and literary
writing has made her the Go-to Therapist for her subspecialty in Creative
Personalities and Other Highly Sensitive Persons.

Some Success Reports

Real Estate Agent

R.B. “At 43, was flooded with scary thoughts. Had them as a boy. As life happened, I tried to forget. But lost 2 great jobs as anxiety worsened. With Dr. Helen’s therapy, fear feelings diminished, finally conquered. Happily back to work in Real Estate.”

Newly Engaged

T.W. ”My love life was a disaster. Unaware, I kept choosing losers, abusers, alcoholics. Wits end brought me to Dr. Helen Borel. She helped me untangle myself from childhood problems. She made me really love myself. I just got engaged to Bill, a winner.”


C.L. ”By 28, friends, family loved my paintings. Me? Scared, ashamed to bring them to galleries..art shows. Dr. Helen (I read some of her stories and poems) has a gift with artists. As my art sold, she tackled my fear of motherhood. Now I hum lullabyes to baby Jenny.”


L.J. ”Since 19, I’m a working guitarist. Shy and sensitive, Dr. Helen’s therapy helps me feel at ease with other musicians. I smile at audiences more. Now 48, we do Telephone Sessions as I’m often away on gigs. Dr. H helps me feel my best. My kids are happier with daddy, too.”

Opera Singer

F.P. ”When diagnosed bipolar and put on psychiatric drugs for life, I was upset. Glad to know, at 33, finally. Sad about coping. Dr. Helen compassionately helps my mania times and dark moods. Encourages me to enjoy my balanced mood states, to focus on my opera singing.”

Chaos to Calm

G.H. ”I often got angry at little things that don’t bother others. Couldn’t get calm. Now 36, I lost 7 boyfriends. Screamed at them so much. Dr. Helen helps me to not blame others for what’s in my brain that slows my ability to get calm. In better control of strong emotions, I handle my social life much better with her support.”

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News and Articles

July 15, 2017

SNAKES IN SUITS: Is there a Psychopath in Your Life?

by Dr. Helen Borel          July 14, 2017 Actors often explore psychopathic personalities. They may even enjoy playing the Bernie Madoff character type, that real-life Wall Street mogul who “made off” with lots of friends’ and relatives’ millions and whose criminal […]
February 23, 2017


NOBEL-LEVEL BREAKTHROUGH IDENTIFIES FUTURE SCHIZOPHRENIA ALLOWING ADVANCE NEUROPROTECTION By Helen Borel, R.N.,Ph.D. According to Reuters Health Information via Medscape.com, a panel of 26 blood “biomarkers” can PREDICT SCHIZOPHRENIA in patients “years before symptoms appear”.  The University of Cambridge (U.K.) scientist […]
February 23, 2017


A FOLLOW-UP WARNING By Helen Borel, R.N.,Ph.D. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a life-long psychological illness where the patient has nearly zero sense of self. Such an emotionally erratic individual doesn’t feel self-grounded, feels loose emotionally, and so crosses your […]


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